New in Hobby ?


New in this hobby then first, Welcome !

If you are really new, I would suggest you to read carefully the below.
Why is it important? Because even though this is not complicated to enter this hobby and be successful, when well prepared, it is as well very easy to mess up big time, think this is really not fun after all, and give up on things as quickly as you started, with even a bad taste on the top of it. Really, if this happens, most chances are that it is mainly because of a wrong approach and expectations.

As most things in life, it is a good feeling to start and discover. This hobby, even though still quit new, is not marginal anymore. On the contrary, the number of Electric flights addicts is growing consistently as well as the number of options to build incredible planes, that not only would compete with any glow motor plane, but would even be impossible, if not with Electric powered, to fly. One more point, don't feel bad, ever, to ask questions. Most of us also learn everyday and will still do for another 100 years... hopefully.


You have someone experienced with you: 

The best is certainly to start this hobby, with someone experienced, friendly and reasonable. Meaning that will not try to force you too fast, to get to fly a brushless stunt electric plane, but will go at your speed, understand your talents and teach you steps by steps. If you have such a friend, keep him ! and do what he will do for you, to others, when you will feel ready for it. You will have with him to also assess your budget, in order not to be stuck somewhere, from lack of founds. With this friend, before you start and buy a too much stuff, try to use what he allows you to. His Radio would be enough, in most cases as you will buy, and eventually crash then, your own parts. The worse feeling is borrowing someone else plane and crash it.

  1. Decide together on what you want to do. Maybe a hobby, maybe not, you still don't know
  2. According to #1, let's be on the safe side and assume, you still don't know
  3. Assess honestly your capabilities. Fast learner but spend much time on TV/PC, slow learner but hard worker, or a mix this ? According to it, let your friend know it, for him not to be surprised or impatient
  4. Then, you must consider buying the minimum required to enjoy and have fun, but not too much as if you don't like it, you won't feel sorry for the money you spend
  5. Decide which plane you will buy: Spend some time with him, where he flies, and look at other Electric planes, browse a lot on the INTERNET, and on Forums, read within the training areas, ask questions there, look at shops in your areas, and on the Internet, get some Reviews on Eflight. YES, you should do all of that ! and then discuss your top picks with your friend and order your plane
  6. For your plane parts, if you can use your friend Radio, battery, speed controller, charger, and receiver, this is the best for now, and all the other parts, you can maybe some he has, or buy them. That should bring your total investment to the minimum for now (could be as low as $100 for a nice set, where you buy the plane and servos only)
  7. If you have to buy everything, choose a cheap radio, 2 ways + motor is good enough for a start. For the rest, the vendor should guide you on what is needed for your plane

And go to Part 8, below


You are alone, this web site is especially for you:

  1. You are interested in this hobby, but you know little about it
  2. Best would be to start getting some info. Reviews, Forum, Shops, and most important, if there is, a local club
  3. This done, you are not alone anymore, as the Forum by themselves, won't let you down. Ezone, as this is the second home for most of us, is THE best source for help and sharing. Register if not done already
  4. Decide on your budget, with $300, all included, you will be safe
  5. From all your feedback, reviews, forum, decide what type of plane you would like as your first plane
  6. Due to the fact that the first plane can be tricky to build, in a sense that you will need all the parts in Sync, I would recommend to buy everything, from 1 vendor. Many vendors offer even special deals, if you do buy a complete set. Check the Links for a good selection. I personally started with Hobby-Lobby, because I found the way they present their planes very easy.
  7. Select the plane, and conf, then go back to the Forum, submit it and wait for feedback on it, to make sure you are not doing any mistake. When done, order it and start gathering as much data as you can on it. Go to the manufacturer's web site, do searches on the web, ask the Forum about tips for building it and flying it. By the time you will get it, you should have saved a lot of precious data, as all these trainers have been used by many people who will give you all the tips and tricks to have a first successful experience.


And ....

  1. Until you get your plane, time for learning already. Get a PC R/C Flight Simulator and abuse it. FMS is a free one which is good enough for you to learn the basics. You should at least practice 5 hours on it, and feel totally secure to fly and land any Electric Trainer. If you still have issues with the plane coming to you, or going away with your Left/Right maneuvers, keep practicing until this is covered. Also make sure to feel the plane, meaning to feel the turns, to feel when the plane stalls and what to do, to keep minimum speed on landing, and understand the basics of aerodynamics (very basics only, don't worry, even just the one that common sense is showing you, while flying with FMS)
  2. Show your friend how you fly with it, and let him review or if you are alone, just practice the following: 

- Take off (Hand-launch) 
- Turns (Sharps and smoothes) 
- Straight line 
- Your reactions on slow and high speed, with the plane 
- Your appreciation of distances (even though in real life, this will be much easier) 
- Your landing skills
- Emergency Landing. Cut the throttle at any time, and try to land

Your plane still didn't arrive, good ! Continue to read on Forums, especially on your plane. Tips on building it, experienced from other pilots on it. Ask your own questions. Read these reviews you bought, and start dreaming as this is the time, when the saliva is coming, where everything looks so simple and fun. Well, it will be, just wait a little more.

  1. The day has come.... This little note from the post office, seems like it should be your plane, as you didn't wait for anything else. You didn't even order anything else, just to make sure that the next time you will get a note, it will be for sure, for this plane. Get your checkbook to pay the post-office, and a big car (sometimes, these plane boxes tend to be very protective, and big !)


Note: Few sites where I found nice information that will help you in this phase:

  • Flying Sites, which contains lot's of excellent information, clear and well presented (free). Start with this page, but see their "How To" Page and their "Top Tips" Page

  • Ezone "FAQ" and "How To" pages which contains also lot's of data

  • SRBatteries Documents Tech Site. Lot's of interesting matters covered there (not free)


You can, now, go to the "How to Start" section