TwinStar II by Burt Rosensweig


I assembled it per the instructions with everything stock. I deviated from the instructions by using Loctite removable threadlocker to secure the nuts on the pushrod connectors instead of a touch of CA. That made it easy to remove the nut when I found I wanted to move the connector to a different hole on the elevator control horn. I did not actually attach the speed control to the fuse with velcro, it is free to move about the cabin. The model balanced out with the battery pretty far back.

Multiplex Pico Duo ESC, 7cell 2400 Sanyo Nicads. Hitec HS-81 servos. Finished weight with battery: 49ounces. First flight: 13 minutes, with loops and rolls.

Finishing: I sanded the bumps off with 150 grit paper. I filled in the imperfections with lightweight spackle. I masked the props, motors, and control horns with blue 3M painters tape. I wiped it down with alcohol prior to finishing. I sprayed Krylon Fusion Satin Almond and allowed it to dry for a week before I hand brushed Model Master Forest Green and Dark Tan flat enamel paints. I did not mask when applying the green and tan, just freehanded it.

The fun thing I did before painting: I photographed the model before applying the the Forest Green and Dark Tan, then I used Microsoft Paint to apply the camouflage on the computer. That way I could experiment before actually painting the plane. It worked out very well. Once I came up with a scheme I was happy with, I printed out a copy of the "painted" model to use as a guide when actually painting.