TwinStar II by Kerry Riley

The paint is Createx brand Airbrush acrylic fluorescent applied with a brush directly from the bottle. I sanded the surface well and painted the fuselage and wing undersides fluorescent orange, the wing tops fluorescent yellow and the tail assembly fluorescent hot pink. I was trying to create a plane that was easy to spot, and easy to see its orientation. As Numb Thumbs says, "Lurid doesn't do it justice", but I have come to like it. The windows and door on the fuselage are outlined in black marker, and the window decals on the cockpit are from the kit. The white on the nose is from 3M Extreme packing tape, applied before I painted.

The plane assembly is fairly stock except I added a 6mm carbon fiber tube in the fuselage from the tip of the tail to just beneath the wing.

For the power system, I wanted to experiment with lithium batteries and brushless motors. I made conservative choices for the power system components as I am very new to the hobby. The motors are AXI 2212/20 mounted to the stock motor mounts, which had to be clipped and sanded a little so the motor can would not rub. The Graupner 8x6 CAM Slim prop is attached to the motor with a 3.2mm prop saver. The motors get their power from a Thunder Power ProLite 4000mAh 3s2p battery through a Castle Creations Phoenix 45A ESC. Castle says that's too much voltage for the onboard BEC to power the four Hitec HS-81 servos, so I added the Dimension Engineering ParkBEC. The receiver is a Hitec Electron 6.

I did some static testing of the power system with both motors mounted on the wing, thrusting straight down onto a scale. With a fresh charge, WOT would give 33.3A, 9980RPM, 11.25v, 51.5oz. thrust. After 2400mAh used, I saw 29.0A, 9150RPM, 10.0v, 44.5oz. thrust. The motor temperature was160deg F at the end of the test, measured with a very small, fast K-type thermocouple. I'll probably drop back to the APC E 7x5 props so the motors are in their efficient range even at WOT.